Sooo, yeahh.

2013-02-03 09:18:01 by khzu

Yo, it's Theim.
I gotta let you know, I now post my songs primarily on SoundCloud I will be posting here much later and I wont focus on this site much.

Check it.
THEiM's Soundcloud

New stuff comin'

2012-09-04 10:08:41 by khzu

Alright, so I'm now going to change over to Drum N Bass, I just discovered that I'm pretty good at it, so that's what I'm gonna do from now on. Also if you want to know whenever I make a new song or talk about life and weather you can follow me on twitter and/or soundcloud!


Oh great...

2012-02-05 10:32:08 by khzu

So maybe you have noticed that I haven't been active for a while, that is because my PC broke. I lost all of my stuff. Now I have a new, better PC but I lost all of my project files. SO... the topic "My work" will be deleted. But I'm still making new songs, so look forward to those. Also I'm changing my style at least for sometime, I want to try different stuff out. So now, I will be making Hiphop. Without any singing or well, rapping... ALSO I am changing my name to Theim. So khzu and Theim are the same person. But anyways. Thank you for reading, and I will be making lots of songs in the future.

I also made a new Twitter, so if you own a Twitter account you might want to check it out.

My work. (no longer active)

2011-08-29 16:22:26 by khzu

My PC broke so I lost all of my projects. This post is no longer active.

Doin' great!

2011-07-26 16:31:31 by khzu

So I'm doing great right now!
The reason why I'm posting this is I want to thank every single listener here so: Thanks man, or woman...
I haven't got any negative reviews yet. Which is just awesome!
No bad score at any song. Which is just awesome too!


About meh.

2011-07-11 16:36:14 by khzu

Sooo... I'm terribly (dunno if I pronounced that right) bored right now. I haven't found a nice melody so I can't make a song. And I need to just chill anyway I can't always work on a project. Gotta relax some times too. But anyway. I'm bored as I told you and in this post I'm going to tell you who the hell I am and what the hell is goin' on. So I'm khzu and you're wondering why such name?
So let me tell you.
My irl name is Klaus.
My nickname is Kassu
If I usually registered somewhere I'd be under name Khazzu
So let's remove some letters. K h |a| z |z| u
And done it is.
A lot of ppl are thinking that I took it from an anime which name I don't know. But I didn't So STOP ASKING!
And, all my name letters are still small. I don't know why, but it seem'd kinda cooler then! ;)

Now... Overall about me.
So I just must say this: I'm a big "fan" of asian people. Specialy Japan ppl. I like their culture. I like eatin' sushi. And overall they're full of awesomeness.
I'm kinda quiet person irl. But if I'm just with mah friends I'll chill and let myself "loose" so to speak.
I am not from USA or any part of America nor am I from England. Some of ppl are pretty amaized about how good I speak english. And well I've played PC games over 6 years now. So all my english came from video games. I started playing when I was 6 so I'm 13 right now. Making songs have been my dream when I was about 7-8. And I made that dream come true all by myself. I've worked with music 2 years now. so I started when I was 11.
First I listened to mostly Trance and Techno. Then I grew over to Drum 'n Bass and 8-Bit. And now I'm listening to Electro and House music.

I've never really thought about will I still work with music after 5 years? And if I will how good will I be? I'm not that kind of person. I just go with the flow and see what happens ^^ But if I really think about it then I think I will be working with music after 5 years and the other question... I'll let you answer that.

Well anyway. Thanks for reading. And BTW. You guys are amazing for supporting me and just enjoying my junk xD

Thanks for readin'

Follow me on Twitter!!/khzuH
I'm also on SoundCloud!


2011-06-15 00:43:50 by khzu

Hey guys! So I'm khzu as you maybe know already... And I'm going to post all of my songs into NG. So whenever I make a new song I'll post it here. I make different electronic songs. So if you like electronic check my stuff out.